About Remarkable Books Reply

Bad books, bad music, bad products aren’t selling, whatever you do.
Even the best marketing can’t help bad book or bad music. So why would you invest your time and money into something that isn’t just remarkable? Don’t waste your time on social media, if you feel that your product isn’t perfect, isn’t remarkable, isn’t just the best you are able to produce. Go back to your oeuvre and try to make it remarkable – you can do it. Even if you think that there is nothing to add, nothing to change, find ten thing that could be changed to better – to the best you can do.

Well, what do you say, ten is too many? Then let’s settle for eight…

The first rule of social media is that only remarkable ideas and remarkable products get spread. A remarkable book or music touches people’s heart, connects with their emotions and the word of mouth goes around. People tell about it to one another – and the word spread, one to many.

When your product is remarkable, your social media followers and friends become your best promoters.

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