Social Media for Authors: How to Use them 1

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It’s a hyper-connected world, and everyone has a voice. Social media are powerful mean of communication and marketing. Authors, speak up, connect with your readers in social communities. Share with them topics and news of their interest.

Notice that I said their interest and not your interest. If you want others to listen to you, if you want them to share your post and get followers and likes, take into the account needs and wants of your followers. Don’t talk only about your book and boast how wonderfully interesting it is – we already know that every author has written a bestseller and is number one on Amazon, five stars reviews, etc. etc. Twitter and Facebook are both flooded with this kind of messages.

Bragging will not bring you more sales – on the contrary. Marketing on social media requires a subtle strategy.

It is giving away useful information and tips, and getting in exchange more followers and likes. Your friends on Facebook and your followers on Twitter are all your potential readers and your promoters. If you tell interesting stories and news, they will pass it to their friends, and their friends will pass it further etc.

It’s “one to many” marketing in which you, author, have everything to gain. 

  • You will gain to be known, to be recognized, to have a “name” that counts among readers.
  • You will gain readership and sales.
  • You will become a famous author among your tribe of followers – the one that every new book is impatiently awaited.

What are the best social networks for authors and what kind of message to post on each of them? 

Read it in my next post, coming soon.

Need help with your book marketing?

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