Marketing Reply

We offer comprehensive, custom book marketing campaigns for authors and publishers, worldwide.

Our campaigns are tailored for small marketing budgets, aiming for maximum return on investment. Being authors ourselves, we know well how difficult is to face all costs, for a self-publishing author. This is also why some of our services are free of charge.

  1.    We talk with you and listen to your needs and wants, in order to elaborate a book marketing plan that is bound to lead to successful.
  2. We set up your social media profiles and launch social media campaigns for your book. This step should be done before your book release. We call it “Title Marketing”.
  3. We write press release that catches the attention and talk about you and your book the way you deserve it. The aim is to retain the attention and to arouse curiosity.
  4. Our press releases are distributed to main media around the globe, so you get international coverage.
  5. Free services: when you sign with us, we assist you for a 2-week marketing help, totally free of charge. During this period, you can benefit from our experience and know-how and among others, learn

–          How to build a website or blog that transforms visitors to customers

–          How to get followers and friends on social media, how to interact with them, and to get your faithful tribe.


Don’t hesitate to ask more information:

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