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Social Media Marketing is a generic term for all communication and promotion activities that you develop on social networks. Today, people spend more time on social networks as they do on any other media. This is good news for authors: you can easily go where your potential readers are and save a lot of moneys that you would otherwise need to spend on traditional promotion, trying to market your book.

Along with book reviews, social media marketing is by far the best way for authors to acquire the readership. It is the new low-to-no cost online tool, accessible to every author. However, the focus needs firmly to be on your marketing strategy, rather than on tools that you would choose to use. Not every tool is right for every author/book ; it depends on the genre, content, layout etc.

Social Media presence for authors is the must to have but it doesn’t work alone. Your marketing strategy, to be efficient and to get you sales of your book, needs to be put in wider context of online marketing. Building your website, using search engine marketing, and wreating winnihg email campaigns are equaly important. your social media activities on Twitter, Facebook YouTube etc. will get you the recognition and will drive traffic to your website or your blog. And traffic means leads, and sales.

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